Beach chic leather folding chair DIY

I can’t get enough of woven leather chairs on a dime. I purchased this aluminum Telescope folding chair on Ebay for $44 and re-covered it in leather for an additional $100. I purchased the natural strap leather (4 oz / 5 oz) from Weaver and had them cut 2″ strips. Watching this chair age has been magical.

First step is to disassemble the chair by unscrewing the canvas strips. Discard all but one from each direction to use as a template. It was easier to cut the strips down the middle and just turn the strip, vs. using the screwdriver. Prep the leather strips with a coat of oil to make them easier to work with and kick-start the patina process.

Weave the straps across and secure to the frame, just like the chair was assembled initially.

teal 12

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